About Us

The Order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal organization in the world to which both men and women may belong. Worldwide, there are over 500,000 members. The organization was created in the United States in the early nineteenth century to allow women to join with their Masonic relatives in promoting the values and charitable purposes that are such an important part of the Masonic fraternity. While the Order of the Eastern Star has evolved over the centuries, it still remains rooted in its charitable endeavors and fraternal fellowship.

Who May Join?

The organization is open to women, 18 years of age or older, who are related to Masons in good standing. Male members of the order must be Masons in good standing.

Is Eastern Star A Religion?

The Order of the Eastern Star is not a religion, but its members are religious. Like the Masonic Fraternity, membership in the Order is open to members of all religious affiliations, but petitioners must profess to believe in a Supreme Being.